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True 'Gun Control' should mean how you, as an individual, decide for yourself (with education and facts) on how to handle your gun usage, with respect to the the welfare of all living things. Including how you position yourself from the target, and choosing where the bullet is placed.

Political rhetoric's definition of 'Gun Control' sounds like: "Let's eliminate all guns so we can live in crime-free world." Yes, that's a fantastic idea, but 100% fantasy.
  Why a fantastic idea: If it was truly possible, great! We'd eliminate about 10%* of violent crimes (see next paragraph).
  Why it's fantasy: Criminals, by definition, break laws and their restrictions, and find ways to get what they need.
  Why it's 100% fantasy: not all crimes are gun related, and criminals fear civilians with guns more than of police with guns.

* Out of all the violent crimes, gun-related crimes count for less than 10% Source: DOJ and NCVS
In my speculation, if we could eliminate, all gun-related crimes, wouldn't that just make way for other types of crimes? Ones that might just be more cruel? Extreme situation: if your murderer happened to give you two choices; "would you rather be beaten to death or shot in the head?" This one's a no brainer (pun intended).

Our Mission

  • We intend to help society maintain the civil order of God's law, invested in all of us.
  • We want to help guide and educate the public on the right and wrong methods of taking action against a hostile threat.
  • We like to publicize that the 9th amendment is also important in effort of maintaining the 2nd amendment.

God's Law vs. Man's Law: I saw it best explained here:
If you break man's law (commit a crime), you may go Jail
If you break God's law (commit a sin) you may go to Hell
The Bible teaches us to respect all authorities including the Laws of Man

9th amendment: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
In my understanding this means; the listings in the Constitution, shall not be interpreted to contradict other (original) listings that grants the rights of the people.

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