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Pistol Training Classes

We are pleased to announce the safest type of firearm training fit for beginners to law enforcement and even military personnel. Instructions cover everything from basic handling, to advanced malfunction-clearing. Perfect for beginners and those who wish to improve, maintain and advance their defensive skills. Topics will cover the following and more:

  • Signup for Pistol TrainingUniversal Safety Rules
  • Pistol and Ammunition Terminology
  • Basics of Semi-Automatics and Revolvers
  • Proper Loading, Unloading and Chamber-Checking Techniques
  • Proper Grip and Stance
  • Target Alignment (The Three Secrets)
  • Trigger Control and proper reset
  • Tactical and Emergency Reloads
  • Clearing Different Types of Malfunctions

The reason this is the safest type of training is we utilize "dry-practice" and therefore there will be no accidents or negligent-discharges. Further, a trained and friendly certified-instructor will be assigned to a maximum of 4 people. Click here to signup for the Defensive Pistol Training

Still need more details?

  • It's a 1-day event, approximately 4 hours, breaks included
  • We don't rush anyone, we work with you and at your pace
  • No drills or commands being yelled
  • Bring your Pistol, and safety glasses
  • Bring your training ammo if you have them, otherwise we may be able to provide them.
  • Holsters and mag-puches are welcome but not required.

When you signup, we will reply with further instructions and details. You will be greeted at the door and we will make it really easy, safe and fun as possible.

Click Here to  Signup for Pistol Training

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