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I can understand the root intent; if we eliminate all the guns in the world, yes, there would be no "gun-crimes," next thing would be to extend it to edged-weapons control, blunt-objects control, vehicle control, household tools control, and so on, till we're nearly shackled and chained away from each other, just for the welfare of all citizens. That's never going to happen because it's just too insane; so is the politicians' idea of "gun control."

Why the total ban on civilian weapon ownership would not work: among civilians there are always going to be some criminals, who will resort to manufacturing their own weapons, steal them from authorized carriers, and a bootlegging of such weapons will become the next type of rising crime.

As a result of the gun control campaigns, there has been some good ideas, such as background-checks (though flawed in many ways), and the intention of the "cool-off" or waiting period (in some states), however they are not always practical.

To truly control the gun-related crimes and deaths, we should instead, educate the people, including new and existing gun-owners. Not just proper gun handling and shooting styles, not just learning that guns can destroy lives and objects. When a gun owner is armed, the first and most important thing should be their ability to make multiple wise decisions in different applications, like: am I (or others) really in danger from this person; is this person the actual instigator or is he also trying to save lives; is there hostages involved (what if I miss), etc.

Unfortunately, most of the general public is seemingly becoming desensitized to gun-rights. I believe this is partly due to the movies; we've mostly learned that if you see someone with a gun, they are either a criminal or military/law-enforcement (antagonist vs. protagonist). Very rarely, if ever, do we see an average person with a gun, who for the duration of the entire movie, never has to draw and attempt to use it... Why, because that just wouldn't make a good selling movie. Yet in real life, this is going on everyday, usually unseen. General public, for the most part, will go about their business as if there isn't a gun toting civilian in their vicinity.

I believe if more educated-gun-owners exist, less crime (of all types) will be committed. If a perpetrator is intending to dish-out their ill-will on you or your property, what do you think is going to be the biggest deterrent for him? I'd be willing to bet a gun being pointed at him will make him think twice. Obviously there are a few exceptions, as there are with everything. I would not be surprised if some criminals are also looking to end their own life by someone else's hands, commonly know in law-enforcement as "suicide by cop."

I'm certain that not every good citizen needs to own a gun. Even those who are "afraid" of guns, even in their own home, should get at least some more education from reliable and credible sources, then perhaps continue to choose not owning a gun, for whatever other reasons.

When crime happens, it's great that we can call the police and they will come and try to catch the bad guy, and it's a great idea. However there are only a few issues, hopefully none of them will negatively affect you. Are you able to make the phone call and tell them your situation and location? How far away are the squad cars from you, and are they available? Will the criminal still be there when the police arrive? Does the criminal just want to steal and/or damage stuff or something more personal? How much property damage or personal damage are you willing to endure while you wait? If you had/have a gun or any other weapon, would you be able to use it effectively?

You may someday (hopefully never), be confronted by a criminal as you're simply going about your daily life, you have several options besides shooting.

  1. You might be able to ignore them and walk/run away.
  2. Maybe try talking and reasoning with them.
  3. Perhaps give in and give up your property. Be sure to get a good description for the police.
  4. If there are no serious potential of bodily injury to you and others, and you're capable and confidant in your fighting skills, this is a risk to consider.
  5. If you do have a gun, just presenting your weapon and commanding order of the suspect may stop the threat. Obviously the risks are much greater and several things can go wrong.

You can't stop insane people from doing insane things, by passing insane laws. That's insane! - Penn & Teller on Bull$h!t episode regarding Gun Control

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